How to Go from Riding the Couch to Riding a Century

Runners have their marathons; triathletes, their Ironmans. Cyclists looking to test their mettle have a benchmark challenge of their own: the 100-mile century ride. Even if your winter workout regimen consisted primarily of streaming Parks and Recreation, if you start training now, you can still set your sights on conquering a century this fall. Read the full article for Chicago magazine.

Fit City: San Juan, Puerto Rico

A mere four-hour direct flight from O’Hare, San Juan might just rank as the easiest tropical getaway possible. You don’t have to bring your passport, change your money, or speak a different language to navigate this U.S. territory (though locals will definitely appreciate your rusty high-school Spanish, should you choose to use it). You also don’t have to put a hold on your fitness routine. Read the full article for A Sweat Life.