Fast Couple Ties the Knot During Chicago Marathon

Like any veteran marathoner, Stephanie Reinhart usually avoids trying anything new on race day. But in Chicago this year she made a few exceptions. She hadn’t trained in the white tennis dress or jewel-laced headband she wore to the start—and she crossed the finish line with a brand new husband. Read the full article for Runner’s World.

Heading to Chicago Marathon, Deena Kastor and Joan Benoit Samuelson are Fast Friends

In 1984, 11-year-old Deena Kastor sat in her living room with her parents, eyes glued to the first women’s Olympic Marathon. American Joan Benoit Samuelson emerged from the tunnel into the Los Angeles Coliseum to claim the gold, waving her white hat. “No matter what my profession turned out to be in life, her performance that day would’ve inspired me to be better,” Kastor said during a recent visit to Chicago. Read the full article for Runner’s World.