Chicago Trainer Profile: Bea Rodriguez, Candidate for Master of Kettlebell Sport

Eminem blared in the background. Judges sat at long, white tables, fingertips lingering near bright neon signs with the words “warning” and “disqualified.” Bea Rodriguez stood ready on a black platform in a hotel ballroom in Novi, Michigan; when the announcer yelled “start,” she picked up her 12-kilogram kettlebell (that’s 26 pounds, nearly one-fourth the 5’2” athlete’s body weight). Read the full article for A Sweat Life.

9 Tried-and-True Approaches to Recovery

In the field of recovery science, evidence supports the use of both cutting-edge gadgets and old-fashioned chestnuts. When choosing from this menu of options to develop your own personalized R&R recipe, consider not only what you have access to but also what fits into your lifestyle and sounds fun—for instance, yoga won’t calm your muscles or your mind if you feel anxious about getting on the mat. Check out the following nine approaches to recovery, see when to use them, and discover what elite runners do to maximize the benefits. Read the full article for Runner’s World.