What You Can Expect from a Telemedicine Visit

Open wide and say,“Ahhh”—to a doctor who is hundreds of miles away. Experts call it telemedicine, or “the delivery of health care at a distance,” says Ronald S. Weinstein, M.D., founding director of the Arizona Telemedicine Program at the University of Arizona. Instead of visiting a doctor in person, you do it via text or video chat. Read the full article for Men’s Health.

The 5 Things You’ll Do Today That Will Mess Up Your Back Tomorrow

One minute, you feel invincible: You’re squatting heavy, tossing bags of mulch, helping the lovely passenger in 12D hoist her bag into the overhead compartment. The next, your back barks, leaving you hunched over. Researchers at the University of Sydney recently studied 1,000 patients to pinpoint some of the most common triggers of acute back pain—those sudden, sharp spasms that seemingly occur at any time and can leave you laid up for days. Read the full article for Men’s Health.

The Top 10 Cancer Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

If you found a lump on your body where there wasn’t one before, you might proceed to freak out. Doctors call this an “alarm symptom,” or a sign that should put patients on high alert for cancer. Yet when British researchers recently surveyed people who had experienced 10 of these types of signs, about half of the participants didn’t see their docs. Some people brushed the symptoms off as inconsequential, while others feared what they might find out. Read the full article for Men’s Health.