Inspirational Team Hoyt Proves Anything Is Possible

In the past four decades, Dick Hoyt and his son, Rick, who has cerebral palsy, have together completed six Ironman triathlons, more than 70 marathons and a 45-day run and bike across the U.S. without a single day of rest. Dick, 74, a motivational speaker and Holland, Mass. resident, is usually quick with a tale and a joke in his thick Boston brogue. But ask the former Air National Guard lieutenant colonel the most difficult thing he’s ever done, and he’s briefly rendered speechless. Read the full story on (or download a pdf).

15 top tips to ace your first 5K

TO THE outside observer, Marleen Alicea and Frances Ferguson already had enough on their plates — within the past two years, they’d each lost a parent and coped with a significant medical issue. Alicea, 48, of Chicago, developed life-threatening complications after knee surgery, and Ferguson, 52, of San Marcos, Calif., went through an eye cancer scare (doctors now think her tumor is benign). But unknown to each other and 2,000 miles apart, they both decided to conquer yet another challenge: their first 5K race. Read the full article on NowU.