What’s Running Through Your Head When You’re Running?

“Come on keep the stride going, bro.” “I should be freakin’ flying right now for sure.” “I’m going to throw up.” You don’t often read phrases like these—or repeated f-bombs—in academic research papers. Then again, few if any scientific protocols have tapped the thoughts of long-distance runners in action. Read the full article for Runner’s World.

Your Midrace Period Questions Answered

By now, you’ve probably heard about Kiran Gandhi, whose blog about running her debut marathon during her period without a pad or tampon recently went viral. Reactions to the piece have run the gamut, from “you go, girl” to “yikes” to “hope she didn’t like those tights because that stain’s never coming out.” The philosophical debate has dominated the comments sections, but the post also raises some practical questions. So we went to the experts for tips to help any woman run with the flow. Read the full article for Runner’s World.

5 Things No One Tells You About Running As You Get Older

Even if you’ve never had the urge to lace up a pair of running shoes, you can’t help but feel inspired by 42-year-old Deena Kastor. This fall, she’ll return to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon—a race she won a decade ago—aiming to run 26.2 miles faster than any American woman age 40 or older ever has. Over more than 20 years of logging miles and winning races, Kastor has absorbed a lesson or two about running. Read the full article for Prevention.com.