How to Train for a Relay Race

Most of the time, running is an individual sport. But the increasing popularity of relay races means more runners are learning how to get into that team spirit. Half-marathons and marathons often offer a relay option in which participants typically run one leg of three to seven miles. Relay-specific single-day or overnight events, like the nationwide series of Ragnar relays, require runners to trade off multiple legs of varying lengths, anywhere from three to 16 miles. Here’s how to tackle training for a relay so that you can run strong and also have fun. Read the full article in Runner’s World.

Heat It Or Ice It?

Like tea or yoga, pain relief comes in more than one temperature. You reach for a bag of frozen peas from the freezer if you twist your ankle. You might even take a clue from your chiropractor and use a heating pad to relax that knot in your right shoulder. But what about when your shins start aching from too many miles on the pavement, or when you pull a muscle picking up the cat litter the wrong way? Read the full article on