Are E-Cigarettes Dangerous?

Voters and legislators kicked cigarettes out of most bars and restaurants years ago. But now they’re back in a different form: Electronic cigarettes—smokeless cartridges that release nicotine vapors—are popping up in public places. Several cities and states—including North Dakota, New Jersey, and Utah—have explicitly banned their use indoors, but many haven’t. And while the dangers of secondhand smoke are well documented—and you know to keep your distance from smoke—how hazardous is the vapor from e-cigs? Read the full article in Men’s Health.

3 Ways to Outsmart Father Time—Starting Now!

Old brains do learn new tricks. Trying different things, working out, and making social connections can alter neural structures even when you’re older, improving your memory and health as a result, according to research presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference in Chicago this past weekend. But don’t wait until you reach your golden years. Read the full article in Men’s Health.

5 Surprising Ways Stress Affects Your Workout

Fighting with your guy or having your brilliant (or so you thought) ideas vetoed in a meeting can compel you to head straight to the weight room or the running path—and for good reason. A serious sweat session zaps stress, releasing tension and anger, and boosting levels of feel-good brain chemicals including endorphins. Read the full article on