6 Ways To Walk Off Weight After Menopause

With age comes wisdom, a full life, and discounts on movie tickets and rental cars. But as your body moves through—and beyond—the shifts of menopause, biology does throw a few whammies your way in the weight gain department: About 10 pounds, on average, according to San Francisco–based functional medicine specialist Marsha Nunley, MD. Read the full article for Prevention.

How to Go from Riding the Couch to Riding a Century

Runners have their marathons; triathletes, their Ironmans. Cyclists looking to test their mettle have a benchmark challenge of their own: the 100-mile century ride. Even if your winter workout regimen consisted primarily of streaming Parks and Recreation, if you start training now, you can still set your sights on conquering a century this fall. Read the full article for Chicago magazine.