Can You Be Injury Free?

Use the injury-prediction calculator from the March issue of Runner’s World to determine your risk of getting hurt—then take proactive steps to lower it. (Bonus content: Hear my interview about this article, and others, on Coach Jay Johnson’s Run Faster podcast; download a pdf of the quiz to print; and see video demos of the strength training moves.)

Can Foam Rolling Give You a Mental Boost?

Some runners think of foam rolling as a necessary evil at best, a tortuous experience at worst. Elite distance runner Chelsea Reilly Sodaro, however, views the 30 to 45 minutes she spends daily on rolling and other forms of self-therapy as a much-needed release from the stress and tension of hard training. Read the full article for Runner’s World.

7 Weird Things That Happen To Your Feet As You Get Older

They’ve carried you everywhere from your first day of school through this morning’s walk or run. Pretty much everything else about your body has changed in that time, so it’s little wonder that your feet also undergo some alterations, both subtle and not-so-much, as you age. Read the full article for Prevention.