Decoding Blood Test Results

If there’s one time to brag about being a runner, it’s at the doctor’s office—especially when your appointment includes blood or urine analyses. “Let your physician know if you are exercising heavily, and also how often and how recently you did tough workouts; it can influence how we interpret tests,” says William Roberts, M.D., a family physician and medical director for the Twin Cities Marathon. Read the full article in Runner’s World.

7 Weird Reasons You’re Tired All The Time

You stayed up late binge-watching Homeland. Then you woke up extra early to beat the boss to the office. Some days, there’s no mystery as to why you need an extra shot of espresso. But sometimes, the root of your fatigue isn’t so obvious, and everything from a hidden health issue to your gym habits could be to blame. Read the full slideshow on

The Biggest Fitness Myths

As quickly as exercise scientists work to banish them, new fitness misconceptions rear their ugly heads. Meanwhile, other untried and untrue myths just won’t go away. Here, we round up a few of the most common fitness falsehoods, and ask researchers and other experts to help correct the record. Read the full slideshow on

Get a Running Start

WH 0613 running featureRunning usually elicits a love-it-or-hate-it response. Some women couldn’t imagine doing it unless they were chased, while others eagerly sign up for race after race. But since it’s one of the most efficient, accessible workouts, hitting the road (or treadmill or trail) could be your key to scoring a healthy heart and a lean body. Follow this easy guide–full of expert secrets and tips–to ensure you get the very most out of it. Read the full article in Women’s Health (pdf).