#WeGotGoals Episode 17: Bank of America Chicago Marathon Executive Race Director Carey Pinkowski

The Monday after the Bank of America Chicago Marathon each year, Carey Pinkowski’s phone begins ringing. One runner wants to thank a volunteer who provided a critical medical treatment or cup of ice. Another hopes to follow up on a new friendship he made during some difficult miles. Carey calls them back – he feels he has to. Though social media has made missed connections easier to resolve, he still believes one of his biggest responsibilities as race director is to bring the running community together. Hear more on this week’s #WeGotGoals.

How a Health-Food Company Aims to Give Back to the Ultrarunners That Inspired It

Even the world’s most well-known barefoot runners sometimes wear sneakers. I found this out earlier this month, on an easy four-mile shakeout run the weekend before the Boston Marathon. The guest of honor was Tarahumara ultrarunning champion Miguel Lara, a member of the tribe from Mexico’s Copper Canyon made famous in Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run.” Read the full post for aSweatLife.